patience is a virtue.


Connect Today to Envision a Creative to_morrow

Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design
to_morrow is a collaborative project by Behalf Studio and Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021, created during the social distancing months of Saigon. During such a strange time when the community is most disconnected and distressed, this project aspires to provide the participants with a platform to express their creativity, and encourage people to vocalize what the future means for them and the collectives in which they belong through the mean of social media.

We prompted users to answer the question: “How can your creativity today affect the future of to_morrow?” with their creative submissions as Instagram posts. The engine then collected and reimagined the outcomes into bespoke modules (named Outlook). Every Outlook is a dynamic and animated building block that would ultimately contribute towards the bigger artwork — representing the collective creative future.

From Behalf Studio and Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design, we would like to invite you to build a future — together.


Creative Director
Giang Nguyen

Minh Nguyen
Linh Duong

Creative Coder

Minh Nguyen

Project Manager

Thu Doan
Back-end Developer
Floures Technologies

Front-end Developer

Communication Partner
Hanoi Grapevine