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Of Hearth and Hands

Ly Gia Vien Co.
Food & Beverage
Ārdeō, derived from the Latin words ār(i)dus + -eō, means “to burn”, “to be strongly affected with an emotion”, or “to be in love”. Ārdeō is a new culinary concept that offers tailored taste and exploratory dishes, in a casual yet refined atmosphere. Ārdeō’s menu is composed of handcrafted dishes made with top-quality ingredients, prepared in a transparent and honest manner to create a unique dining experience.

Ārdeō’s branding is designed to convey a humanistic approach while emanating refinement. Instead of a single logo, Ārdeō employs a range of alternative logos that are used interchangeably, along with typographic treatment of the brand’s tagline — “Of Hearth and Hands” — to create a personalized and artisanal impression across all touchpoints. The branding also incorporates a generative system of visual elements, consisting of sparks and particles of flame, that pays tribute to humanity's initial method of cooking food.


Creative Director
Giang Nguyen

Linh Duong
Phong Pham
Minh Nguyen

Creative Coders
Minh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen 
Dung Nguyen

Architect & Interior Design
ShapeUs Studio

Brand Photography
Phát Ơi Studio