patience is a virtue.

“Creative Thinkers” Notebook Collection

Inspire Creative Changes with Every Note

Initiated by RMIT Vietnam and in collaboration with UNESCO, VICAS, and COLAB Vietnam, the Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design (VFCD) returned for 2022, with the theme “Change: Creativity Challenge.” VFCD provides a vibrant, interactive stage for creatives to connect and collaborate, reaching global audiences through innovative activities online and offline.

Inspired by the theme, Behalf was commissioned to design a user-friendly and environmentally-conscious gift set that balances daily utility with joyful experience. We created a set of five distinct notebooks, each offering a unique note-taking experience tailored to a specific type of creative individual.

The notebook is outfitted with an exclusively crafted folio made from washable paper, encouraging individuals to equip themselves with modern survival tools.


Creative Director
Giang Nguyen

Minh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen
Chau Nguyen
Project Manager
Lam Nong

Dung Nguyen