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Maison JSC.

Inspired by the essences of Parisienne aesthetics colliding with Asian street style, Gigi is a newly conceived brand by the leading fashion retailer, Maison JSC. Defining the qualities of its creations as “feminine, understated, glamorous and bold,” Gigi’s repertoire includes everything you would need for a well-edited wardrobe. Expect effortless separates, sculpted tailoring and sophisticated outerwear, all in a sleek and minimal palette.

The identity design embodies the refined elegant nature of Gigi’s, along with an insightful & substantial concept. This is expressed via the use of minimal typesettings, attention to details, communicative elements and touches of intimate femininity. All aspects harmonizes into an amalgam of modest visual that fiercely portrays the modern and sophisticated woman.

The combination of positive outlooks, and an embracement for vulnerability found in the feminine minds, is woven into all branded elements, touch points & communications. All of those help provide vital visual guidance to the identity, heighten the quality of the brand, yet still gracefully grounding its approachable chicness.

The design establishes its charm and delicacy via minimalist typographic approach, sprinkled with deliberate loose tracking along with ornamental type setting, embodying the arbitrary ethos of the confident woman's journal. Thus, the identity communicates both an elegant spirit, and an alluring character within its entity.

Inspired by and embracing the secrets of a woman, the design are adorned with hidden messages that allow the brand identity its liveliness, while maintaining a sincere quality.

Keeping the playful character of the design close to heart, Gigi's garments and designs are also embellished with hidden hugs-and-kisses as a nod to the postscripts in letters and diaries. It is as though the brand is conversing with its client, discreetly, intimately.

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Creative Director
Giang Nguyen
Linh Duong
Phong Pham
Ha Doan
Project Manager
Thu Doan

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Lamoi Studio

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