Krossing Over Arts Festival 2019

Brand Identity
Art Direction

Movements That Illustrate the Invisible


Krossing Over Arts Festival is all about intersections: between contemporary dance and other art forms; between local and international artistic approaches; and between the public and artists.

A dynamic composition of ever-moving typographic elements and abstract visualizations is employed to build an identity that celebrates the nature of dance. Each of the uniquely mesmerizing patterns was algorithmically generated from the sounds and music of the performances while trying to capture the essence of the performances themselves. Altogether, the visual identity is the response to the intangible basis on which contemporary dance takes its roots.

Momentarily illustrated,

Creative Director
Giang Nguyen
Ha Doan
Anh Ha
Creative Coding
Giang Nguyen
Minh Nguyen
Print ProDuction
Kho Muc Studio
Brand Photography
Do Sy Studio
Performance Photography
Thy Tran
Motion Designer
Natalie Suy Thoái
Benoît Bottex
On-site photography
Vu Hoang Yen

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