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Lady Triệu

A Pride of Place

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Food & Beverage 
Lady Triệu, was a revered Vietnamese warrior and folk hero. Her legacy is embodied in this exceptional Vietnamese gin, which sources 100% of its botanicals and spirit from Vietnam, with the exception of Italian juniper, which does not grow in Vietnam.

Our mission was to construct a brand platform that intertwines gin, a relatively unfamiliar product in the Vietnamese market, with the cultural essence of the country from which it originates, mirroring the gin's incorporation of Vietnamese ingredients and celebration of local terroir.

We have created a range of bespoke assets to comprise a storytelling packaging design system for Lady Triệu's main product line. Valiant, the custom brand typeface, draws inspiration from Lady Triệu's courage and elegance, resulting in a bold yet elegant display serif typeface that achieves a timeless yet contemporary look. 

The seamless illustrative pattern, featuring elements from both the bottle's ingredients and Lady Triệu's legend, not only reinforces the brand's story and roots, but also serves as its distinctive visual identity device on various applications.

Lady Triệu's Vietnam Gin features a striking 8-sided bottle, inspired by the legendary general herself, combining elegance with a powerful sword-like silhouette. It includes a removable, custom-made sword crest and a cap embossed with a symbol from Lady Triệu’s temple in Thanh Hoá, adding historical depth and collectible value, with the distillery’s coordinates subtly placed at the bottom for a personal touch.

The labels artfully blend Vietnamese cultural scenes with the gin’s ingredients, visible through double-sided printing on a clear bottle. Internal illustrations on the back label enhance front-facing brand elements, while those on the front create a backdrop for the back’s embossed logo. The neck label features Lady Triệu's iconic quote in Vietnamese, underscoring her dedication to challenging female stereotypes and protecting national liberation.

The website design highlights the product's journey, featuring an exploration of ingredients and a series of interactive cocktail recipes. The homepage is introduced with a captivating animation that bring the bottle’s bespoke illustration to life.


Creative Director
Giang Nguyen

Linh Duong
Anh Nguyen

Type Designers
Minh Nguyen
Linh Duong

Phong Pham

Project Manager
Lam Nong 

Ha Doan
Anh Ha
Dung Nguyen
Brand Photography
(in)visible space

Product Photography
Lady Triệu team

Animation for Website

Website Development