NUMB — Mortal Geometry

Art Direction
Cover Design

Interweaving Silence and Noise


Marking the welcome return of NUMB, after 21 years, the album Mortal Geometry was released in 2019 to the fans’ pleasant surprise. The album, produced in Vietnam, features NUMB’s talents of atmospheric sound design, intricate musical arrangement & conceptual song writing.

The cover design was created as a preface to NUMB’s complex theme of

“the perpetual presence”

and the juxtaposition of oppositions ie. digital/analog, silence/noise, future/past.

We combine a methodical yet seemingly turbulent approach to typography with the artwork from Extrusion series by Andy Stiff to echo this aural sense of apocalyptical ambience and seething darkness, which can only be experienced by listening to the work of the seasoned-veteran musician.

Silently made this realized,

Andy Stiff
Do Sy Studio
Nguyen Phuong Minh

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