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VietNam Design Week 2022

A Transformation Beyond Expectations

VietNam Design Week
VietNam Design Week (VNDW) is a series of design-oriented activities and immersive creative experiences that foster and promote the development of the design industry. With topics spanning across various design fields, these events act as a gateway to enhance the value of Vietnamese creative products in the domestic and international markets, as well as to bridge the gap between the contemporary design community and traditional craftspeople nationwide.

At the heart of the program, the design competition Designed by VietNam challenges creative boundaries with its theme — “Beyond Expectations.” In response to this, we examined the visuals depicting the profound metamorphosis of beings as they emerged from their confinements, embracing a renewed identity. The outcome was a typography-based visual system consisting of interwoven and diverging threads.

We built a bespoke software that translates textual inputs into unique and distinctive visual renderings. These dynamic visual components were then utilized across a multitude of digital and analog platforms, offering a versatile range of applications.


Creative Director
Giang Nguyen

Phong Pham
Minh Nguyen

Creative Coder
Minh Nguyen

Project Manager
Lam Nong
Event Photography
VietNam Design Week team