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Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2023

Creativity Redefined by Mind & Machine

Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design
Initiated by RMIT Vietnam in partnership with UNESCO and VICAS, Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design (VFCD) creates an open, timely, and interactive platform for creative individuals and organizations to engage with thousands of audiences online and offline.

In 2023, VFCD returned with the theme “Mind & Machine”, delving into the role of human creativity amidst the rising age of artificial intelligence (AI). Through a series of immersive activities, the festival explored the impact of AI and technology on the creative industry, sparking important conversations about the future of creative work.

As the creative partner, Behalf Studio addressed the question “Will AI replace creative workers?” by emphasizing the irreplaceable essence of human creativity, relegating AI to the role of a powerful adjunct in executing and enhancing human creative visions. In a humorous and intentionally lowbrow response, the team collaborated with AI to forge a generated human character/digital avatar, termed an “AI-generated creative” or “Persona.”

Our design process started with the breakdown of creative workers’ defining traits. Having studied and analyzed a myriad of human datas such as basic personalities, behavioral habits and preferences, the team outlined 5 characteristics to be translated into parameters that dictate the Persona’s design variations.

To ensure full control over various design parameters, we developed each component within the code environment using the THREE.js library. Our custom framework can then generate countless renderings of the Personas. By integrating the Azure Kinect to capture real-time body tracking input from both the organizing team and festival attendees, individuals can craft their unique versions of the Persona.

The generative engine ensures seamless adaptation across both digital and physical applications, maintaining a consistent yet dynamic identity across various formats.

Displayed within VFCD’s exhibition alongside other guest artists’ works, Im•Persona•tion was an interactive artwork that invited the audience to immerse in the festival’s identity via a captivating experience. Visitors can first create their own Persona by answering a quick quiz, and then interact with the onsite display screen, on which the generated Persona would mimic their every movements.

The interaction not only fostered a meaningful and memorable way for audiences to explore the possibilities of technology, but also showcased the potential of applying AI in design, alluding to the dynamic interplay between human creativity and artificial intelligence.


Creative Director
Giang Nguyen

Minh Nguyen
Chau Nguyen
Phong Pham

Creative Coder
Minh Nguyen

Project Manager
Lam Nong 
Installation Back-end Developer

Installation Support
VFCD’23 Team
Hanoi Grapevine

Installation Photograph
Sang Le
Phong Pham

Event Photography
VFCD’23 Team

Showreel Animation

Application 3D Renders
Tung Tinh